Embedded Software Enablement Solutions

Embedded Software Enablement Solutions
Delivering 360° Product Support


MulticoreWare has extensive and deep domain experience in platform software engineering and particularly, in Embedded Platform and Software services across the entire gamut of activities in the product and project life-cycle. With the well trained and prime work force at Multicoreware, we offer a very sturdy service & support at end to end phases (D-D-D phases: Design, Development, Deployment) ensuring timely and high-quality deliverables.

We have worked with customers across various domains such as Automotive, Intelligent Robot, Drones, IoT, Infotainment, Telecom, Semicon and have active embedded-based customer projects running across most of these domains. We also have embedded-based research projects across some of these domains.

Our team of embedded engineers help companies enhance operational efficiency while maintaining safety and compliance per industry standards.

Embedded Product / Project Life Cycle Expertise

Embedded Product and Project Life Cycle Expertise


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