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Expertise of High-Performance Computing (HPC):

MulticoreWare excels in harnessing the power of computing resources efficiently, ensuring optimal job execution on HPC clusters, and streamlining provisioning and maintenance tasks.

Parallel Programming Models:

Our proficiency in parallel programming models such as MPI and OpenMP, enables efficient utilization of multi-core processors and distributed computing environments.

Job Schedulers and Resource Managers:

Extensive experience with job scheduling and resource management systems like Slurm, Torque, and PBS, ensures effective allocation and utilization of computing resources on HPC clusters.

Cluster Management Tools:

McW team is familiar with cluster management frameworks like Bright Cluster Manager and OpenHPC, streamlining provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance of HPC clusters.

Performance Profiling and Tuning:

We possess deep knowledge of performance profiling tools like TAU and Perf, combined with a skill set in compiler optimizations, enabling us to identify bottlenecks and optimize HPC applications with precision.

Data Management and I/O Optimization:

Skilled at optimizing data storage and I/O operations, including the optimization of parallel file systems like Lustre, to minimize data transfer latencies.

Containerization and Virtualization:

We work on different containerization technologies like Docker and virtualization tools such as KVM and VMware, enhancing portability and resource isolation for HPC applications.

Debugging and Tracing:

Proficiency in debugging tools like GDB and tracing frameworks like Intel VTune and Allinea DDT enables efficient diagnosis and resolution of issues in HPC code, ensuring smooth execution.

Our comprehensive HPC skill set enables us to deliver high-performance solutions tailored to your specific needs.


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