Sensor Data and Fusion Engineering - Empower autonomy with sensors

Sensor Data & Fusion Engineering
Empowering Autonomy with Sensors

Porting & Optimization of LIDAR NNs

McW has the expertise of 3D sensing domains like Lidar and Event sensors to provide accurate and efficient solutions for various industries. We excel in 3D environment perception, enabling interpretation for robotics, autonomous vehicles etc.

From raw sensor data, we achieve accurate object detection and semantic segmentation. Our optimized neural networks seamlessly integrate multi-modal sensor data. We have the expertise in enhancing LIDAR neural networks for peak efficiency and ONNX standard compliance. Our breakthrough Bird’s Eye View (BEV) detection pipeline achieves 15 FPS on Jetson Nano.

LiDAR Engineering

3D Algorithm Perception

We develop groundbreaking 3D perception algorithms in LiDAR, where our expertise transforms neural networks built on 3D point clouds for exceptional efficiency and drives applications in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality.

An independent senior citizen experiences advantages from MulticoreWare’s IoT sensor-fusion system, which integrates wearable sensors, computer vision, audio sensors, Wi-Fi sensing and radar to detect falls. This technology ensures prompt alerts and proactive healthcare monitoring without the need for wearable devices, thereby enhancing safety and independence.

MulticoreWare’s expertise in Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and advanced perception algorithms plays a pivotal role in enabling intelligent interactions with our surroundings, paving the way for a safer and more efficient future in mobility.

ToF Expertise

We proficiently handle the 3D point clouds generated by ToF cameras and fine-tune ToF technology to excel in various applications. Our advanced Time-of-Flight (ToF) capabilities encompass a range of features, including 3D face authentication and anti-spoof detection. These modules cover functions like face detection, authentication, monitoring for drowsiness, and recognizing anti-spoof measures, all contributing to improved safety and security in mobility applications.


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