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Sensor Data & Fusion Engineering
Empowering Autonomy with Sensors

Object Detection Capabilities

MulticoreWare specializes in the comprehensive implementation, training, and optimization of cutting-edge 2D Object Detection Neural Network Algorithms. From crafting intricate algorithmic implementations to fine-tuning neural networks, we cover every aspect to ensure precise object detection.

With a focus on enhancing road safety, our solutions empower vehicles with advanced blind spot detection capabilities. Furthermore, our proficiency extends to optimizing these algorithms for target hardware, enhancing efficiency and real-time performance.

Expanding our understanding of computer vision applications, such as object detection and scene segmentation, we employ 2D object detection neural networks and extend their capabilities to 3D.

Contact us to explore how our expertise in Blind Spot Detection with 2D Object Detection Neural Network Algorithm Implementation, Training, and Target Hardware Optimization can elevate your driving systems to the next level of safety and efficiency.


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