Framework-Flexible Custom Operators

Framework-Flexible Custom Operators
Synergizing ML Frameworks with Cloud Solutions for Scalable AI

ML Frameworks

MulticoreWare excels in providing pipeline support within various frameworks, enabling the seamless flow of data and tasks through complex processes. MulticoreWare demonstrates strong proficiency in implementing intermediate graph structures, allowing for the efficient representation of complex data and task dependencies. This expertise is crucial in optimizing workflows for tasks like parallel processing and data transformation.

Our capability to construct end-to-end system pipelines for AI engines showcases our ability to seamlessly integrate various components resulting in streamlined and high-performance AI systems. MulticoreWare provides support for over 300+ operators within various customers’ AI engines. This achievement underscores our deep expertise in optimizing and customizing operators for efficient execution on specialized hardware.

By encapsulating the framework’s functionalities, Framework Wrapper streamlines and optimizes the coordination of multiple processes, resulting in improved parallelism and resource utilization. MulticoreWare’s framework wrapper contributes to efficient and scalable execution, ultimately leading to enhanced application performance and reduced processing time.

Model Optimization Techniques

MulticoreWare excels in model optimization through various techniques, including pruning, quantization, and knowledge distillation. Pruning involves selectively removing less important network components, reducing model size and computation requirements. Quantization compresses model weights and activations for more efficient inference on hardware.

Additionally, MulticoreWare’s knowledge distillation expertise entails training compact models by transferring knowledge from larger ones, enabling deployment on resource-constrained devices. Our proficiency in these optimization methods ensures streamlined, faster, and memory-efficient AI models, making us a valuable partner for organizations aiming to deploy efficient machine learning solutions.


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