Sensor Data and Fusion Engineering - Empower autonomy with sensors

Sensor Data & Fusion Engineering
Empowering Autonomy with Sensors

Signal Processing and Optimization

MulticoreWare stands as a trailblazer in mobility solutions, particularly in Radar Processing. Our expertise in Signal Processing Software development and testing compliance ensures the seamless alignment of technology with regulations. We specialize in Cascaded RADAR and FMCW technology, unraveling intricate RADAR systems with finesse.

We drive innovation through optimized algorithms, elevating Perception to new heights. Our expertise spans Signal and Software processing optimization, including custom CFAR techniques and multi-DSP optimized Trackers. We’re revolutionizing RADAR perception by integrating point cloud data to derive meaningful semantic insights. This transformation involves optimizing Multi-Object Tracking and Clustering techniques, ultimately bolstering automotive safety through the utilization of RADAR for Ego Velocity estimation and Static Obstacle Detection.

Radar Data Engineering

Our Advanced 4D RADAR Algorithms

We continuously push the boundaries of perception technology, ranging from AI-driven Object Detection (AI 4R) to the implementation of RADAR Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (R-SLAM) at 60 GHz / 70 GHz frequencies.

Our approach encourages the adoption of Multi-Sensor Data Fusion, combining Imaging RADAR to offer a comprehensive view of the environment. Our advanced mmWaveRadar Sensors, coupled with Expert Radar Software, deliver unparalleled performance for both Automotive and Industrial applications. To optimize the processing power, we’ve harnessed TI C66x DSP and integrated it into our Radar Processing Stack. We optimize performance and offer versatile application development for radars from major manufacturers.

MulticoreWare specializes in refining & optimizing Radar signals and Radar data to provide accurate data insights. We have the expertise to meet your unique requirements and elevate your radar system’s performance.


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