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x265 – Leading Open-Source HEVC Encoder

x265 is a H.265 / HEVC video encoder application library, designed to encode video or images into an H.265 / HEVC encoded bitstream. It is by far the most widely used HEVC encoder globally, driving the encoding capabilities of several open-source applications such as FFMPEG and VLC. The reason for its exceptional performance lies in its widespread adoption and the collaborative open-source development model that has fostered the creation of a highly robust implementation, surpassing the encoding capabilities of any other proprietary HEVC encoders.

x265 is a leading open source HEVC video encoder designed to encode video or images into an H.265 / HEVC encoded bitstream

x265 is licensed by more than a dozen leading commercial broadcast, content management & delivery and web video encoding system vendors including Telestream, BBright, Sorenson Media, Pegasys, and Capella Systems.

Achieve wide adoption from the open source community, leading web video services, broadcast encoder developers, independent software developers, video hardware and software developers, device OEMs, semiconductor manufacturers and academics.

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