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We have expertise in Inter-Process Communication (IPC), shared memory, and system calls. We create efficient communication channels between processes, leveraging shared memory for data exchange, and harnessing the full potential of system calls for low-level operations. Our proficiency in Linux empowers us to design and implement robust and optimized solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring the reliability and performance of your Linux-based systems.

MulticoreWare’s Task Scheduler

MulticoreWare has expertise in optimizing Linux interprocess communication (IPC) efficiency, particularly in the context of data sharing between the host and GPU. Our primary objective is to minimize the need for data transfers and unnecessary copying across memory spaces. To achieve this, we employ various strategies:

Shared Memory: We leverage shared memory regions accessible by both CPU and GPU processes. This approach involves a Helper Process managing GPU sessions and a Child Process responsible for publishing data.

POSIX Pipes: Our solutions utilize POSIX Pipes for efficient communication, enhancing data sharing while minimizing resource overhead.

Linux Poll API: We harness the Linux Poll API to mitigate busy waiting, ensuring efficient use of system resources during IPC operations


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