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Ultraziq – Encoding Library

Ultraziq - AI-based Performant Encoder

Ultraziq is an AI-based Pre-Processing Encoder Library

Ultraziq is a cutting-edge software video encoding library targeted at optimizing video quality and minimizing turn-around time for VOD and Live Streaming. It is carefully crafted to meet the demanding requirements of commercial video solution providers in the enterprise segment. From OTT On-demand streaming providers to Multi-Channel television streaming services and OTT solution providers, Ultraziq is the go-to solution for advanced video encoding requirements.

As building blocks, Ultraziq deploys the open-source encoders x264, x265 and SVT-AV1 to encode incoming uncompressed video in accordance with AVC (H.264), HEVC (H.265) and AV1 specifications.

Ultraziq optimizes the utilization of conventional video encoding servers by enabling high throughput and minimizing redundant work. This allows broadcasting and OTT streaming companies in the Media and Entertainment industry to drastically reduce costs. The resulting cost savings bolster the profitability and competitiveness of these companies, ensuring their continued success in the marketplace.

Key features include:

Deliver an exceptional viewing experience, in high quality, while minimizing costs.

Broadcast high quality content without any tradeoffs

Broadcast high quality content without any tradeoffs

Ultraziq’s content-adaptive live encoding with PCS enables the broadcaster to maintain a constant frame rate delivery throughout the stream/broadcast.

Deliver more channels with the existing HW infrastructure

Deliver more channels with the existing HW infrastructure

In Ultraziq the overall compression efficiency can be improved using ML techniques and thereby fit more channels in their constrained bandwidth.

Reducing Encoding Time

Reducing Encoding Time

Ultraziq enables high effective utilization of typical servers used for video encoding by ensuring maximum throughput with minimal duplication. Ultraziq’s Low latency 2-pass Capped VBR ensures that it encodes the interesting points alone in each frame to reduce latency, whilst maintaining a high quality stream without compromising the performance.


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