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MulticoreWare is a software products & solutions company. Our experience and expertise in various micro-architectures comprising of multi-thread, multi-core, and heterogeneous hardware platforms gives the unique advantage of delivering solutions to our clients and partners.

We operate in fast growing areas like High Performance Computing (HPC), AI Analytics Solutions, and Autonomous Vehicle Sensors data processing as well as Autonomous Embedded Software Solutions serving various market segments.

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MulticoreWare software solutions spans across various market verticals bringing out the optimized performance on hardware platforms with its perception and prediction AI/ML products and services through all sorts of sensor data & multimedia contents.

Media & Advertising
Security & Surveillance
Video Teleconferencing
Video Gaming
Smart City
Automotive & Transportation
Sports Analytics
Augmented Reality (AR)


Partners & Clients

Our clients and partners span across silicon platform partners to edge sensor makers to Tier-1 to OEMs in various verticals. We touch companies who deploy edge platforms, core platforms to high performance computing platforms on the cloud platforms in data processing to AI analytics.

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News & Events

ON November 21, 2022
MulticoreWare Inc. partners with Imagination and demonstrates superior performance of Imagination’s GPUs
San Jose, CA – MulticoreWare Inc. (“MulticoreWare”) and Imagination Technologies(“Imagination”) have announced a partnership to optimize algorithms on Imagination... Read more
ON October 21, 2022
MulticoreWare Inc. Celebrates 10 years of operations in India
This October, we at MulticoreWare India, celebrated our 10-year landmark with great fanfare! The week-long festivities kicked off in... Read more
ON August 30, 2022
MulticoreWare Inc. Joins Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education (KARE) to establish R&D lab
MulticoreWare Inc. and Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education (KARE)  have established a global innovation centre to pursue joint... Read more



MulticoreWare is a global software products & solutions services company with its HQ in San Jose, CA, USA. With worldwide offices, it serves its clients and partners in North America, EMEA and APAC regions. Started by a group of researchers, MulticoreWare has grown to serve its clients and partners on HPC & Cloud computing, GPGPUs, Multicore & Multithread CPUS, DSPs, FPGAs and a variety of AI hardware accelerators.

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