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Autonomous Vehicle Research

Autonomous vehicles are a game-changing technology that requires technological breakthroughs in computer vision, semiconductors, and robotics. Vehicles across the consumer, commercial, and military spaces are expected to be automated in the near future, so our teams work along side automotive manufactures, commercial suppliers and government entities to help create the breakthroughs required to enable autonomous vehicles in their market segments.

We combine our knowledge of machine learning, performance optimization, and safety-critical development to deliver solutions within the strict specifications of the industry.

Media Analytics & Data Extraction

Video, audio, and other data streams are ubiquitous today with cameras and sensors on each street corner, on vehicles, and in every phone. Making sense of the massive quantity of data from these streams is challenging, but extremely valuable. MulticoreWare delivers AI-powered analytics solutions to extract and interpret actionable data from media streams. Our custom solutions can scale from the cloud down to smart cameras and embedded devices, and target use-cases in security, advertising, quality control, retail, broadcasting, and more.

H.265/HEVC Tools & Libraries

MulticoreWare founded and maintains the leading open-source H.265/HEVC encoder through the x265 project. While it took x264 a number of years to mature to the point of being commercially competitive, we accelerated the pace of development by bringing commercial funding to the x265 project. HEVC is extremely compute-intensive and our expertise in performance optimization gave our x265 development team a critical advantage over traditional video codec vendors.

Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Deep learning techniques, specifically convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have led to break-throughs in advanced driver assistance (ADAS), security, surveillance, robotics, manufacturing and other industries. This wave of technologies will enable autonomous vehicles and an unprecedented level of automation across all industries.

MulticoreWare has a team of researchers developing advanced CNN solutions and we are applying our expertise in heterogeneous computing to enable these applications on low-power embedded, FPGA, DSP, and GPU hardware.

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A Diverse Set of Clients

Our clients span from silicon vendors and mobile handset OEMs to automotive manufacturers and robotics companies. Nearly every industry now requires high performance, heterogeneous software.

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