Sensor Data and Fusion Engineering - Empower autonomy with sensors

Sensor Data & Fusion Engineering
Empowering Autonomy with Sensors


MulticoreWare has a wealth of expertise developing algorithms for RGB camera image processing using traditional Computer Vision (CV) algorithms and Deep Learning techniques. Excelling in sensor-driven autonomy, our expertise spans LiDAR, Radar, ToF cameras, thermal, and other sensors.

We enhance perception and prediction models using sensor fusion, signal processing, AR/VR, 3D Point-cloud processing and ML/DL models. With our expertise in optimizing radar processing, 2D/3D sensing, autonomous perception and digital signal processing, we facilitate smooth data integration, leading to exceptional sensor fusion results that enhance insights.

We deliver solutions in Radar and LiDAR engineering, object recognition, SLAM, trajectory estimation, and more by blending vision and non-vision sensors (Sensor fusion). Our radar expertise also extends to UI development and system configuration.

Sensors - Software Expertise & Offerings


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