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x265 HEVC Encoder

x265 is based on the x264 codec (widely recognized as the highest quality H.264 codec implementation), and the command-line syntax and feature set are similar.  x265 is by far the most widely used HEVC (H.265) encoder in the world, powering the H.265 encoding capabilities of many leading open source applications including FFMPEG and VLC.  Widespread usage, combined with the collaborative open source development model helped create a robust implementation compared to proprietary H.265 encoders.

x265 is the gold standard in HEVC encoding.  It is used by leading video streaming services, movie studios, post production facilities, video system developers and software developers worldwide.  x265 is licensed by more than a dozen leading commercial broadcast and web video encoding system vendors including Telestream, BBright, Sorenson Media, Pegasys, and Capella Systems.

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UHDcode is a high performance HEVC decoder, supporting the full HEVC / H.265 specifications, including all levels and profiles.  UHDcode is available for x86 PCs and servers, ARM mobile devices and embedded devices, Sony Playstation 3 and XBOX 360.  UHDcode supports all transcoding and HEVC player applications, with a fully featured developer API to enable decoding functions in your own software package. UHDcode uses a highly parallel processing architecture, and is GPU accelerated with OpenCL.

UHDcode is available as part of x265 HEVC Upgrade, which allows anyone with a 64-bit Windows PC to easily convert MP4 video files to HEVC, and play these files with Windows Media Player!

MulticoreWare has developed accelerated VP9 decoding solutions for mobile and embedded devices, ARM platforms and mobile GPUs using OpenCL and Renderscript.

We work with leading System on a Chip (SoC) hardware developers to provide platform-specific optimizations, enabling the high performance and low power solutions. Peter McGuinness, Director of Business Development of Imagination Technologies explained, “Working closely with Imagination Technologies, MulticoreWare has developed a high performance VP9 decoder leveraging the compute power of the Imagination PowerVR Rogue Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This OpenCL accelerated VP9 decoder supports playback of high quality 1080P YouTube video at 30 frames per second, providing a power efficient solution for mobile devices, tablets, smart TVs and connected home entertainment products.”