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MulticoreWare is a successful organization that believes in diversity, an inspiring work environment, and a rewarding career. We are committed to unleash your talent and reach your potential. We are looking for skilful engineers who are interested in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning technologies and want to be associated with MulticoreWare. So, if you are ready for a challenge, we are ready for you.
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Whether you are an intern working on a project or a manager who runs and manages the project, we welcome your talents and insights wherever they apply.


To make sure our employees feel an integral part of our company the financial results & customer testimonials are shared company-wide to the employees.


Every employee is entitled to paid holidays, sick days and new parent leave to spend quality time with your family and friends.


Work should be a place you want to come to. Wear comfortable clothes every day, Work-From-Home preference, and interactive break rooms where you’ll meet and interact with anyone in the team.


We offer Masterclass and Learning Programs for all personnel to learn things to sustain professional creativity and passion in our ever-changing world.


We acknowledge and recognize employees who have been outstanding in their performance or contribution through Individual Awards every month.


Working at MulticoreWare provides you an opportunity to address futuristic problems today. We work on bringing new technology for handling everyday use cases more effectively. Be it people-related analytics or video compression techniques; we are one of the front runners in the industry. With our deep roots in heterogeneous parallel computing, we build solutions into embedded devices leveraging complex machine learning algorithms.

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I started out as a five-month-intern in Multicoreware, as part of my college curriculum, in the team ‘Uhnder’. I joined after the internship as a full-time employee. It has been around 2 years now, and there has been a good amount of learning (and unlearning). I get excellent guidance from my managers and colleagues. The people here treat each other with compassion and respect, this motivates us to go an extra mile. Looking forward to a steady career growth.

Malini Ramakrishnan

Software Engineer - India

I have been working in MulticoreWare for 9 years. I have met many lovely colleagues here, and they have helped me a lot in my work. In the past nine years, I have participated in algorithms, videos, radar and other related projects. In these projects, the company has always maintained a technological lead, which has allowed me to improve my ability at work. Thanks to the company for allowing me to spend 9 years of meaningful time.

Yuhuan Zhu

Senior Engineer - China

Although it has only been 2 years since I came to MulticoreWare, in these two years, I feel that the company leaders have “a goal of pioneering and innovative thinking and advancing with the times” and the employees are meticulous and caring makes me feel lucky to join this company. I also believe that I will be more passionate about my work in this friendly environment.

This pushes me to work with the team with the fullest enthusiasm to overcome my shortcomings and improve my work level.

Yu Shang

Test Manager - China

I have been a member of MulticoreWare for nearly 7 years.With the guidance of my leaders and the help of my colleagues, I have grown up a lot more than when I first left school, and have a better understanding of many fields,for example, openvx,ARM,TDA4. I realized that strengthening the communication between colleagues can improve work efficiency and make faster progress.

I am excited to take on challenges with the greatest enthusiasm and make sure I give my full  efforts to make my greatest contribution to the company and grow together with MulticoreWare !

Guoxun Lou

Senior Engineer - China

After my graduation from VIT University, Vellore in 2016, I started working at Multicoreware as a Software Engineer and I must say that it has been a rewarding experience from all points of view. The company provides me a whole bunch of opportunities and to anyone in the organization. The most important thing that I would appreciate is the learning that comes with those opportunities that fuelled my learning appetite. It is always a great place with a friendly environment, supportive clients to grow and training & mentoring programs to develop your knowledge and skills. I thoroughly enjoy working with my team members in such a collaborative atmosphere and am really happy to be a part of this organization. It is a privilege to work for Multicoreware and something I am grateful for every working day.

Nagamani Nagaraj

Senior Software Engineer - India

I have had the opportunity of working at MulticoreWare for nearly a year. As a software engineer in the Autonomous vehicles’ domain, I was able to learn and work in state-of-the-art technologies.

With challenging work and supportive peers, I am happy to work in MulticoreWare.

Thrisha Ramkumar

Software Engineer - India

For the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with MulticoreWare Inc. MCW is a fast-paced organization with a goal of being a leader in the AI Media Analytics and Automotive SW field. One of the company’s strengths is its open and honest culture. Senior management is accessible to everyone in the company and open to fresh ideas. One aspect of MCW that I appreciated was the opportunity to mentor and guide young engineers. The journey from academia to the industry might be daunting, but MCW is a unique environment for young graduate engineers to accelerate their technical learning, sharpen their industry skills, and plan a successful career in the technology industry. In addition to mentoring, I have benefitted as a mentee in the development of my leadership abilities. I am thrilled to continue contributing and look forward to advancing with MCW.

Vish Rajalingam

Solution Architect - India

MulticoreWare is my first company. It has given me a lot of opportunities to push myself and learn something new every day. I have been having a great time working with great minds. I love the open culture and how a CEO of the company can easily be approachable just like your friend. I have seen this company grow multifold over the last few years and it has impressed me to date.

Nathiyaa Sengodan

Senior Lead - India