Sensor Data and Fusion Engineering - Empower autonomy with sensors

Sensor Data & Fusion Engineering
Empowering Autonomy with Sensors

Virtual AI Simulator

Enabling Sensor(s) Perception & Prediction Emulation & Simulation

MulticoreWare has the extensive experience and expertise on LGSVL, the open-source simulator, in scenario creation using the HD maps and environment conditions. As and when the sensor models are plugged into the simulator it provides an opportunity to test and validate the sensor integration into the system. MulticoreWare has undertaken the open-source simulation execution opportunities with various clients replacing millions of miles real world driving cost and expediting the time to market.

MulticoreWare can provide various sensor model design, verification, validation services. Additionally, MulticoreWare can extend its simulator knowledge to support ADAS/AD algorithms testing, verification & validation services along with 3D environment creation for any customer specific requirement.


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