Converging Forces for
Safeguarding Operations

Synergizing Compliance, Process Engineering and Cybersecurity

Process Engineering

Process engineering focuses on the development, documentation, and implementation of systematic processes to manage software development activities. Automotive projects require compliance to ASPICE L2 in most cases. We can develop Automotive Software in compliance to ASPICE compliance and support the customer for the required certification process. Process Standards span throughout the entire lifecycle of a system and is industry agnostic though the standards are tailored to domain specifics. By establishing well-defined processes we could envision potential hazards, analyze risks, and develop effective safety strategies. This approach ensures that safety considerations are integrated into every phase of a project, from concept and design to operation and maintenance. MulticoreWare could be your one stop solution for software development required to comply with ASPICE process compliance and FuSA.

Safety Engineering

Safety engineering focuses on the technical aspects of ensuring system safety. Our experienced teams employ rigorous methodologies and best practices to support clients on their safety needs . New Automotive use cases span multiple standards on Functional safety, Cybersecurity, SOTIF and FuSA for AI/ML/DL development flow and MulticoreWare can augment your team by accelerating adherence to standards and regulations such as WP29. In an Industrial environment Collaborative Robots or cobots are designed to work together with humans rather than the caged approach followed in yesteryear and this brings in a new set of requirements to ensure safety. We provide services such as software safety analysis, safety hardening of software, bootloaders and libraries and verification and validation activities.

We are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex landscape of safety-critical systems with our software prowess while adhering to industry best practices, standards and regulations.

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