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Automotive Functional Safety

ISO 26262 serves as a global standard in the automotive sector, focusing on functional safety. By adhering to ISO 26262, the standard guarantees that adequate safety levels are achieved and upheld throughout the lifespan of the vehicle. An ISO 26262 compliant development process plays a crucial role in recognizing and addressing malfunctions in electronic components.

Functional Safety Framework

MulticoreWare is skilled in all facets of Automotive Functional Safety, from Concept to System Level to Hardware & Software Level. We are capable of supporting the safety context requirements for SEooC sensors for integration and ASIL expectations, thanks to our extensive experience working with cameras, RADARs, LIDARs, and ToF sensors and their fusion with AI for various use cases. With more than a decade of software development and optimization experience working with homogeneous/heterogeneous multicore architectures, we can do safety hardening of bootloaders, software libraries and applications.

By validating the use case assumptions, we assist Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) products, ASIL capable/compliant commercially available off-the-shelf products to be integrated into the E/E systems with targeted ASIL requirements.

SOTIF (Safety Of The Intended Functionality):

International standard ISO/PAS 21448:2022, Road vehicles — Safety of the intended functionality, defines SOTIF as the absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards resulting from functional insufficiencies of the intended functionality or by reasonably foreseeable misuse by persons SOTIF is an emerging subject that needs to be explored with new scenarios especially for Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications. Multicoreware with its sensor and embedded systems programming experience can support hardening the software to address the unintended functionality resulting from unexpected real time situations.

Automotive Safety Engineering - Value Added Services:

MulticoreWare’s Unique Positioning with Integrated AI/ML Algorithms + Edge Accelerator Optimization + Functional Safety Services


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