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Autonomous Mobility Software
End-to-End Automotive Platform Enablement


Engineering Autonomous Embodied Intelligence, Delivering it Embedded!

Autonomous mobility is one of the most ambitious projects in the automobile industry’s history. To enable the most essential features at all degrees of autonomy, autonomous mobility SW implementation at scale necessitates the convergence of multiple technologies, most notably Sensor Processing, Embedded Software Optimization, and Safety Assurance. MulticoreWare has extensive expertise working with Sensor Innovation Startups, Automotive Edge computing Semiconductor businesses, and Autonomous Vehicle Companies to provide the most sophisticated algorithm development and optimization services. The scope of partnership with MulticoreWare ranges from R&D innovation by standalone development to production grade SW development conforming to safety requirements & automotive standards.

The following are the main services in the domain:

Next Generation Sensor Algorithm Development & Embedded Optimization

Full Stack Autonomy SW Innovation & Deployment

Perception & Prediction – Edge AI Acceleration & Integration with Automotive Embedded compute. Trajectory estimation using fused sensor model of the world

Localization, Planning & Mapping – Large-scale graph optimization for new AI Accelerators, Building digital twin worlds for HD Map validation, Integration of new sensors, especially RADAR for Localization and mapping.

Uncertainty Aware AI & Continuous Learning – Autonomy at scale necessitates the handling of many long-tail events. Encoding uncertainty must be application-specific and considered during algorithm invention or development. MulticoreWare exhibits competence in working with such challenging problems using Bayesian Neural Networks, Deep Ensembles, Dataset Calibration, etc.


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