Web Developer – Video, Media & AI Analytics (ML-WEB-004)

Openings: 1
Location: Chennai, India

Description: MulticoreWare Inc focuses on developing heterogeneous software for Media and Automotive markets. It develops and licenses world-class video codec libraries, such as the open-source HEVC encoding library x265, and supports tier-1 streaming video services and video encoding solution providers. As a Technical Lead, you will join MulticoreWare’s growing team of engineers, and architects in its design centre in Chennai, India, to implement, and deliver world-class solutions to problems in video pipelines and products, faced by MulticoreWare and its customers in real-world environments.

Job Role: Web Developer

Job Description / Essential Functions: Given a requirement in the wire diagram

  • Developer needs to convert the design into a web portal.
  • Developer needs to design each control into the GUI using the styles exactly as given in the wire diagram.
  • Developer’s work may involve establishing communication between server and client using database.

Required Education & Experience:

  • Strong understanding of web-based programming languages and scripting.
  • Programming experience in JavaScript, specifically Node. Js.
  • Frontend Angular.js.
  • Deployment of the system.
  • Exposure to one or more server side scripting technologies.
  • Comfortable in the Linux operating system.
  • Able to investigate and evaluate new technologies and open source.


  • Experience in continuous integration and designing for software testability.
  • Knowledge of REST APIs.
  • Knowledge of open source frameworks.
  • Experience working for/with video codec.
  • At least 2+ years professional experience with a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Engineering/Science.

Please email cover letter with job experience and resume to <>

About MulticoreWare

MulticoreWare is a software company with products in Broadcast, OTT, Autonomous Vehicles and Video analytics such as x265, UHDkit for Video encoding, UHDcode and VP9 for video decoding, LipSync and TextSync for Video Quality analysis.

MulticoreWare has a worldwide team of computer scientists and experts in high performance and heterogeneous computing to accelerate video, machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, compiler technologies, and more.

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