Senior Software Engineer- Video, Media & AI Analytics (ML-SE-002)

Openings: 2

Location: Chennai, India

Description: MulticoreWare Inc focuses on developing heterogeneous software for Media and Automotive markets. It develops and licenses world-class video codec libraries, such as the open-source HEVC encoding library x265, and supports tier-1 streaming video services and video encoding solution providers. As a Technical Lead, you will join MulticoreWare’s growing team of engineers, and architects in its design centre in Chennai, India, to implement, and deliver world-class solutions to problems in video pipelines and products, faced by MulticoreWare and its customers in real-world environments.

Job Role: Senior Software Engineer

Job Description / Essential Functions: Use Deep Learning to create new, scalable solutions for Computer Vision problems. Analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts image/video data to help automate and optimize key applications, develop and evaluate state of art algorithms. Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large model development, model validation, model implementation and deploying models to production.

Skills & Responsibilities:

  • Design and train machine learning models leveraging the vast amount of available data to get best prediction quality.
  • Design APIs and develop and deliver implementations for machine learning based algorithms on specific hardware.
  • Port and optimize pre-trained CNN models onto a specific hardware platform (CPU/DSP/GPU/NN accelerators).
  • Work with customers and partners on customization for specific use cases and applications.

Required Education & Experience:

  • Strong in Computer Science – Data Structures & Algorithms.
  • At least 4 years of software development experience (with a BE degree).
  • Preferably 1+ years of experience in building machine learning applications.
  • Python and embedded SW development past will be an added advantage.
  • Experience in deploying machine learning models to production systems would be an added advantage.
  • Experience with GIT, the ability to combine different implementations from GitHub.
  • Experience in Agile development delivering results in a dynamic collaborative environment.


  • An excellent problem solver with research oriented approach.
  • Self-driven and motivated to overcome any kind of problem.
  • Algorithms Geek and researcher in field of data science.
  • Passionate in delivering results in a dynamic collaborative environment.

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About MulticoreWare

MulticoreWare is a software company with products in Broadcast, OTT, Autonomous Vehicles and Video analytics such as x265, UHDkit for Video encoding, UHDcode and VP9 for video decoding, LipSync and TextSync for Video Quality analysis.

MulticoreWare has a worldwide team of computer scientists and experts in high performance and heterogeneous computing to accelerate video, machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, compiler technologies, and more.

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