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ON March 22, 2021
x266 Open-Source Encoder for VVC by MulticoreWare

MulticoreWare is leading the Next-Gen Video Technology with the development of open-source x266 Versatile Video Coding (VVC) encoding. Our role in the development of VVC (x266) and its predecessor HEVC (x265) is published on OTTVerse.

“Similar to when we did this for x265 consortium, to get key consortium members on board and invest in the development of this codec. These members will be founding partners with benefits when the codec (rather encoder is ready to release for the open-source world). Consortium members being strategic, will also play an important role in the shaping of this codec as well as prioritization of functionalities as it would pertain to their and their customers’ interests.” said Shivakumar Narayanan, Senior Director – Marketing and Product Management at MulticoreWare.


For more information, please reach out to us – info@multicorewareinc.com

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