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ON March 22, 2021
x266 – A state of the art open source code for VVC encoding by MulticoreWare Inc.

San Jose, CA – Sep 08, 2020 (Business Wire) Joint Video Experts Team (JVET), consisting of video coding experts from MPEG of ISO/IEC and VCEG of ITU-T, reached a key milestone of completing the version 1 of the Versatile Video Coding (VVC) standard in July 2020. VVC was developed with the targeted goal of achieving twice the coding efficiency of well-known HEVC (Rec. ITU-T H.265 | ISO/IEC 23008-2) standard; i.e. achieving on average about 50% bit rate reduction over HEVC for similar subjective video quality, or achieving significantly better visual quality at similar bit rate as HEVC.

MulticoreWare announces the formation of x266 consortium and development of an open source code for VVC encoding is already underway. Similarly, MulticoreWare’s x265 consortium led the development of the open source code x265 for HEVC based encoding and become the most widely used HEVC encoding software.

Dr. Ajay Luthra, CEO Picsel Labs commented “With significantly superior efficiency over currently deployed coding standards, VVC will start replacing them and be the driving force behind the success of next-generation video distribution and storage products.

“The x266, open-source VVC codec being developed by MulticoreWare will provide an advantage in the video compression areas by lowering the transmission cost and sustaining the quality for the streaming companies, video conferencing companies, and more. The open-source VVC consortium formed by MulticoreWare with major Tier-1 companies will have a significant impact in the market.”, said Arun Ramanathan, VP & GM – Media & AI Analytics.

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