x265 rated best overall HEVC encoder

  • On October 26, 2015

The x265 HEVC encoder has been rated as the best overall encoder in the first HEVC codec comparison by the Moscow State University Graphics & Media Lab.

Moscow State University has been studying video compression for many years, and their regular codec comparison reports are well known for being comprehensive and thorough investigations of video encoder quality and performance. In their previous studies comparing H.264/ AVC encoders, the x264 codec has consistently emerged as the clear leader. MulticoreWare’s x265 encoder, which is based on x264, was shown in the first-ever HEVC codec comparison to achieve the highest compression efficiency of any HEVC encoder.

The most recent study compared several leading HEVC/ H.265 based codecs using a set of 1080p video sequences that tested the capabilities of the codecs under varying conditions. The codecs were tested on both desktop and server platforms for three key use cases with different speed requirements: ripping (high quality – no minimum speed), universal and fast transcoding. x265 performed strongly especially in the universal and ripping cases, taking the first place in compression quality for most of the test sequences. The test report is available from Moscow State University’s HEVC Video Codecs Comparison web page.