MulticoreWare Showcases Contactless AI-based Access Control on TI’s AM62 Embedded Chipset Powered by

June 23, 2022

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The demand for contactless AI-based access control systems has been rising for the last couple of years. Texas Instruments’ (TI) AM62 family of processors offers efficient edge computing for a variety of industries. The SoC delivers real-time performance at a lesser cost to enable faster development and deployment and help reduce time-to-market.

As an early adopter, MulticoreWare’s, optimized for Edge Devices, powers the AM62 chipset with advanced AI capabilities such as Face Detection & Recognition. MulticoreWare has created an optimized ARM A53 based Linux Face Recognition software IP solution for TI’s AM62 processor platform that takes full advantage of the SoC’s compute power and performance. MulticoreWare primarily develops to enable cloud-based API-driven AI inferencing of Human Behavior. With the growth of edge computing, we believe for Edge Devices brings the power of Human Behavior AI to embedded devices. In addition, with this early launch on AM62, supports face detection and recognition at up to 4 fps.

“MulticoreWare has created an optimized ARM® A53-based Linux face recognition software IP solution for TI’s AM62 family of processors,” said Artem Aginskiy, General Manager of Sitara™ Processors, TI. “MulticoreWare’s software IP solution brings more edge AI capabilities and takes full advantage of the AM62 processors’ compute power and performance.”

“MulticoreWare enables optimized AI solutions for TI’s AM62x chipset with this showcase of, optimized for Edge Devices,” said Vinod Kannan, Assistant Vice President, Media & AI Analytics, MulticoreWare. “We are delighted to continue working with TI to make faster and better AI solutions for their customers.”

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