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MulticoreWare Inc. Joins Synopsys ARC Access Program

November 17, 2021

MulticoreWare joins the Synopsys DesignWare® ARC® Access Program as one of their trusted partners, offering model optimization techniques enabling DesignWare ARC processors to efficiently compute processor workloads.

MulticoreWare is a valued member of the Synopsys ARC Access Partner program and has developed model optimization techniques, like pruning and compression of CNN graphs, for DesignWare ARC EV Processors,” said John Koeter, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for IP, Synopsys. “By making their software expertise available to the Synopsys ARC ecosystem, MulticoreWare enables our customers to accelerate the development of high-performance ARC Processor-based embedded systems for a wide range of AI and machine learning applications.”

This collaboration between MulticoreWare and Synopsys will benefit customers looking to increase performance and reduce power consumption in a wide range of markets, including SoCs, IoT, digital home, mobile, automotive, and more.

“MulticoreWare and Synopsys together can deliver tangible benefits for the ARC Processor family, thereby enabling rapid expansion and adoption in multiple markets,” said Soumendra Mohanty, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Corporate Marketing, MulticoreWare. “Together with Synopsys we are thrilled to contribute to the ARC Processor IP portfolio to drive next-generation devices with specialized processing requirements.”

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