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MulticoreWare Announces Release of New MxPA OpenCL compiler for DSPs

August 2, 2016

MulticoreWare Brings Unprecedented Performance and Productivity to New Processor Platforms

(SUNNYVALE, CA) March 16, 2015 – In the highly competitive mobile and embedded device markets, manufacturers are increasingly developing sophisticated applications that rely on powerful image processing algorithms for gesture recognition, object recognition, 3D scanning and modeling, augmented reality, computational photography, etc. New processor architectures, including vision processors and digital signal processors are designed to support these computationally demanding applications with high performance and low power consumption.

Programming embedded multicore heterogeneous processors can be challenging due to specialized VLIW single thread processor cores, and extensive use of scratchpad memory with explicitly managed, software controlled DMA engines. Further, for applications requiring multiple image filters chained together, programmers are often compelled to manually fuse the kernels to preserve memory locality. To enable mobile device OEMs to rapidly port their applications to new processor architectures, MulticoreWare has extended the powerful MultiCore Cross-Platform Architecture (MxPA) with several powerful new capabilities. This OpenCL 1.2 compliant compiler will be the world’s first that features real-time kernel fusion, automatic determination of DMA method and auto vectorization. These advanced capabilities enable developers to achieve performance that is close to that of hand-optimized C code, working much more productively by using the high level OpenCL programming model.

Up to 2X speedup has been achieved for OpenCL implementations of OpenCV computer vision pipelines. MxPa has been integrated with other front ends to support Renderscript or C++ AMP.

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