MulticoreWare Academia Global Innovation Centre (MAGIC) established at IIT Palakkad

June 3, 2022

MulticoreWare Inc, a global technology company offering solutions and products related to compilers, machine learning & AI analytics, video encoding solutions and autonomous mobility has signed an MoU with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Palakkad to establish a global innovation centre to pursue joint research activities.

MAGIC (MulticoreWare Academia Global Innovation Centre) at IIT Palakkad, will focus on multiple research areas, namely, energy efficient mapping of Deep Neural Network (DNN) models onto edge-compute devices to minimize redundant data transfers across computer and memory elements.

Energy-efficient edge compute accelerators can be used in applications such as smart manufacturing, computer vision, speech recognition and medical analysis without having the need to connect to cloud systems. They enable surveillance, vehicle, and person detection in real-time without connecting to the cloud or compromising privacy and security.

The MAGIC team is also working on Radar based In-Cabin Sensing for Automotive and Active Radar Odometry for Autonomous Localization.

“We are using radar technology for autonomous applications employing new generation digital imaging radars. As digital imaging radars have a greater point cloud density, it is important to reimagine RADAR-based perception or localization applications for both exterior and interior automotive sensing. We are working together to push the frontiers of new-age radar deployment for real-world applications”, said A G Karunakaran, Founder & CEO of MulticoreWare.

Speaking of the event, Prof. P B Sunil Kumar, Director of IIT Palakkad said, “IIT Palakkad has put high emphasis on interdisciplinary research activities, and the MAGIC lab is a big step towards further strengthening this ecosystem. I expect that the centre will facilitate mission mode application goals and foundational themes for excellence for different emerging areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Vision applications, Compiler Technologies, Sensors, etc. One of the primary objectives of this centre is to establish a repository for the core expertise in the mentioned and related areas and serve as focal points for technology inputs for industry and academia. Students working at MAGIC will have a huge opportunity to get early industry exposure and to core competencies, capacity building, and training to nurture innovation. I wish the lab great success in this partnership and look forward to high-quality research outcomes.”

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