Meet MulticoreWare at NAB2022 in Las Vegas

March 25, 2022

NAB Show is back

Swing by our booth at W8100 in the West Hall to experience our demos and understand how you can leverage our state-of-the-art products and our expertise in Video Technologies & Machine learning to transform the digital experience that you deliver to your customers.

In our booth in W8100, we will be demonstrating improvements to our existing portfolio of products, and enhancements that we’ve enabled through collaborations with key partners. Our demos at NAB 2022 include:

x266 – The up and coming open-source VVC encoder, twice as efficient as HEVC based codecs

The demo will showcase the parallelism and performance optimization strengths of MCW’s VVC implementation with the htop view of x266 and VTM15 to compare the effective thread utilization of the x266.

Ultraziq – Our state-of-the-art commercial video encoding framework for AVC, HEVC & AV1

We demonstrate the impact of Ultraziq’s ABR ladder feature by executing Ultraziq with ABR ladder + Segment parallel feature and open-source x265 ABR ladder. The comparison shows the effective thread utilization of Ultraziq resulting in faster encoding times.

LipSync – A “watch and listen” AI QC tool that decides and flags media content with lip-sync errors  

Our recent advancements to LipSync has made it integration ready for Broadcasting use cases. It comes powered with the state of the art AI/ML techniques to filter Talking Head scenes to provide QC in complex media content like the Sports genre.

Embrace, a highly scalable Cloud/SaaS Human Behavior Intelligence Platform for all aspects of Human Behavior is the ideal scalable solution for identifying more than one aspect of Human Behavior in terms of parallel processing, a multitude of requests, and from multiple sources, points resolving numerous real-life issues.

Witness our latest demos to gain a full understanding of our cutting-edge, innovative Video and Deep Learning Technologies.

Please schedule a meeting with us for a private showing to provide you with a solutions-based approach on our unique and advanced abilities.


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