MulticoreWare and Cadence Target Embedded Neural Network Applications

MulticoreWare has partnered with Cadence to develop high-performance convolutional neural-network (CNN) applications on their latest Vision P5 and Vision P6 DSPs.

“We have been working closely with Cadence to develop CNN-based vision applications. Features such as wide vector SIMD processing, VLIW instructions, and fast histogram and scatter/gather intrinsics make it an ideal platform for demanding CNN algorithms,” said A. G. K. Karunakaran, president and CEO of Multicoreware. “The Tensilica Vision DSP’s performance characteristics, combined with its highly tuned image processing libraries and robust development environment, enabled a power-efficient implementation of our algorithms and shortened our development cycle. We are excited to continue working with Cadence on their next-generation Vision P6 DSP.”

See the full press release here

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