Mobility & Transportation

Mobility & Transportation
Revolutionizing Sensor Innovation & Automotive Edge Computing

MulticoreWare has extensive expertise working with automotive edge computing, semiconductor businesses, autonomous vehicle companies, and sensor innovation startups to provide the most sophisticated algorithm development and optimization services. A partnership with us ranges from joint R&D to standalone production grade SW development conforming to safety requirements & automotive standards.

We are experts in high performance software and sensing, and we have a proven track record of developing software that can go into production in low-power processor systems. At MulticoreWare, we are always looking for new ways to apply our expertise to solve real-world problems.


Our solutions and services span across different areas including compilers & high-performance machine learning, sensor data processing, image data processing, and can be customized to serve a variety of industries with multifarious use-cases.


In Cabin AI - Low Power & Low Memory, Customizable modules:

McW specializes in offering innovative & optimized solutions for ADAS & Robotics Perception Stack, SLAM & HD Mapping.

RADAR Software & Signal Processing Development:

Our proficiency drives innovation in RADAR technology, shaping its software and signal processing to align with the needs of the future.

Autonomous Mobility / ADAS - Algorithm Deployment - Edge AI:

Our expertise in deploying advanced algorithms at the edge empowers vehicles with real-time decision-making capabilities for safer and smarter mobility solutions.

Autonomous Mobility / ADAS - Perception Algorithm Development:

We leverage cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning to create software solutions that drive self-driving vehicles and enhance road safety.

Sensor Signal processing & Fusion:

Our team offers customized solutions & services for Sensor fusion, Point cloud AI analytics, High-resolution RADAR processing, Time of Flight sensors and other 3D sensing modalities.

Intelligent Fleet Analytics:

We deliver advanced data analysis tools by incorporating our proficiency in telematics, machine learning, and predictive analytics to streamline and optimize fleet management.

Functional Safety & AutoSPICE Compliance:

Our commitment to excellence ensures safety-critical systems meet rigorous industry standards and quality benchmarks.

Embedded Software Development:

We provide software services for BSP, Device drivers, and safe real-time operating systems (QNX, ROS2) in various applications.

Autonomous Robots & Drones:

We excel in merging Autonomous Drones with AI and advanced Imaging technology, including hyperspectral Imaging Sensors, to deliver high-performance solutions.

Generative AI:

We optimize transformer models for low-power Automotive Edge platforms and accelerate Robotics Perception solutions with custom Sensor Fusion.


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