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Media & Entertainment
Powering the Future of OTT & Video Streaming

Media and entertainment industry is witnessing advancements in video codecs, leading to higher compression efficiency and improved quality for streaming content. OTT platforms have become more personalized, leveraging AI to tailor content recommendations based on individual preferences. Interactive and immersive experiences, such as augmented and virtual reality integration, redefine user engagement.


With our expertise in video codecs and workflow tools, we offer services and solutions spanning multiple sectors, including film, television, publishing, broadcasting, live streaming, sports and advertising. In the streaming and broadcasting sectors, video workflows play a central role in ensuring high quality delivery of video content to a wide array of devices.


The popularity of Over-the-top (OTT) services has surpassed broadcast TV and grown from being a niche streaming option to one of the most popular ways to watch video-based content. MulticoreWare’s video encoders and service offerings power some of the largest OTT & Video Streaming services.

AI-driven Compression and Optimization:

Enhance streaming speed and data efficiency, ideal for video streaming platforms, e-learning providers, remote work solutions.

Content Optimization and Quality Enhancement:

Improve video quality using AI/ML; suitable for media companies, video production studios, online course creators.

Automated Video Editing:

Streamline content creation with AI; perfect for social media platforms, news agencies, content creators.

Audience Engagement:

Analyze emotions and sentiments for better targeting, great for digital marketing agencies, e-commerce platforms, entertainment industry.

Video-driven Interactive Installations:

Create adaptive and engaging experiences, ideal for event organizers, museums, retail stores.

Ad Targeting and Optimization:

Utilize user behaviour and preferences for effective advertising, suitable for advertising platforms, publishers, social media networks.


Codecs play a crucial role in enabling seamless video delivery experience.


Disclaimer: x264 (AVC) is not owned by MulticoreWare.


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