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Industry 4.0 (fourth industrial revolution) refers to the conversion of the manufacturing sector into a fully digitized and connected environment. This transformation encompasses the incorporation of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), computing spanning from edge to cloud across various layers, and the seamless integration of AI-driven analytics into every facet of their operations. The smart factories are equipped with advanced sensors, embedded software and collaborative robots.

Our utilization of camera and Sensor Fusion technologies, including Voice & Facial Recognition, Object / Parts Recognition, Collision Avoidance, Trajectory & Path Planning, in our Facility Monitoring & Inventory Movement solutions empowers robots to carry out diverse tasks across industrial and retail environments, encompassing factories, warehouses, supermarkets, and malls.


We are experts in seamlessly integrating sensors into different applications, improving data processes. Our proficiency enhances data collection, analysis, and decision-making. Our array of perception algorithms spans a variety of applications, encompassing Multi-Object Tracking, Sensor Fusion, Radar Odometry, and more, catering to diverse use cases. MulticoreWare excels in sensor-related expertise across the following domains:

Control & Data

  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Device Drivers

Analysis & Development

  • Algorithms
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data


  • Pruning
  • Quantization
  • Porting
  • Vectorization


  • Graphical
  • 3D Virtual environment


MulticoreWare is engaged in implementing Industry 4.0 principles and practices, integrating digital technologies, automation, data analytics, and IoT into industrial processes, fostering smart factories. This approach enhances operational efficiency, flexibility, and productivity while promoting data-driven decision-making and predictive maintenance to optimize manufacturing operations and drive innovation.

Quality Control and Inspection:

Employ real-time monitoring, sensors, and predictive algorithms for adherence to standards, proactive quality control, and error reduction.

Predictive Maintenance:

Utilize IoT, ML, and predictive analytics to predict equipment failures, optimize maintenance, and enhance operational efficiency.

Safety and Hazard Detection:

Automate response to unsafe conditions, mitigate risks, and ensure worker safety through early detection.

Supply Chain Optimization:

Enhance supply chain efficiency with IoT, AI, and autonomous robots, achieve real-time monitoring, demand forecasting, inventory management, and logistics optimization for cost reduction and customer satisfaction.


Defect Detection at Bubble in Gear:

The task is to find the bubble in the gear. Identifying and flagging bubbles as defects within gear components is a critical quality control process in manufacturing. Using advanced imaging technologies, we can specifically target bubble-related anomalies.

Categorization of a Milling Dataset:

It involves the process of organizing and grouping the data into distinct categories or classes based on specific criteria or attributes. This process is essential for various applications, such as quality control, process optimization, and predictive maintenance in manufacturing.

Image Enhancement:

It is one of the most important techniques to find the detail and anomaly, which is done using super-resolution.

Radar technology has emerged as a powerful tool in enhancing elderly care, providing innovative solutions for monitoring and ensuring the safety of senior citizens. By utilizing radar systems, caregivers can accurately track the movements and activities of elderly individuals without invasive measures. The non-contact and unobtrusive nature of radar technology also assists in location tracking for seniors with cognitive impairments, effectively reducing the risks associated with wandering, thus providing caregivers peace of mind.


Our mastery lies in the seamless integration of sensors into diverse applications, leading to enhanced data processes. Within the healthcare sector, our proficiency significantly improves data collection, analysis, and decision-making, specifically in the realms of image analysis and deep learning-based image segmentation technology.

Digital twin technology transforms the healthcare sector by enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of patients, optimizing preventive care, and enabling new strategies for hospital planning.


MulticoreWare offers engineering services through its Deep Learning Radar Technology, catering to a diverse range of features including:

Advanced Fall Detection Using Radar Technology

Enhance the well-being of patients, especially the elderly through remote monitoring, telehealth services, wearable devices, and smart home technologies

Intelligent Activity Monitoring

Movement and Gait Analysis evaluate movement patterns, stride length, and posture for biomechanical assessment, injury prevention, and rehab.

Advanced Sleep Analysis

Advanced Sleep Analysis involves the use of advanced technologies such as wearable devices, sensors, and data analytics to gather comprehensive information about an individual’s sleep cycle, quality, and various physiological parameters during sleep.

Precise Vital Sign Monitoring

Track physiological parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels; detect changes requiring medical attention with specialized devices.

Scan Analysis

Interpret medical imaging like X-Rays, CT scans, aiding efficient detection and diagnosis of medical conditions.

Remote Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Deliver remote therapy via video conferencing, wearables, and personalized treatment plans.

Context-Aware Assistance

It aims to deliver more relevant and personalized assistance to users, making interactions with technology more efficient and user-friendly and providing information, support, or services based on an understanding of the user’s current context or situation. This context can include factors like location, time, user preferences, device capabilities, and environmental conditions.

Gesture and Behaviour Recognition

MulticoreWare’s Deep Learning algorithms capabilities enables intuitive gesture-based control and interaction with devices and surroundings. These systems recognize gestures associated with falls or distress and automatically trigger alerts to caregivers or emergency services.

Efficient public transport, energy consumption, and law enforcement are three pillars that govern the efficient functioning of our cities. Technology and data-driven solutions improve the quality of life for its residents and enhance its overall sustainability, efficiency, and functionality.

Smart cities leverage various digital technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and connectivity to manage and optimize various aspects of urban life. Our expertise in these technologies has played a pivotal role in contributing to the advancement of smart city initiatives. MulticoreWare actively participates in Smart City endeavors by harnessing the power of AI and ML algorithms.


We excel in the seamless integration of sensors across various applications, elevating the capabilities of data collection, analysis, and decision-making. Our profound knowledge in sensor technology within the smart city context is showcased through the utilization of LiDAR sensors, Vision systems, Radar sensors, and computing hardware.

Our solutions and services span across different areas including Compilers & High-Performance Machine Learning, Sensor Data Processing, Embedded Engineering, compact AI/ML models, Image Data Processing, seamless IoT ecosystems, and advanced Digital Twin technology for smart cities. We also emphasize the utilization of physics-based digital twin, leveraging the principles of physics to create models of various scenarios. This provides cities with a fundamental framework for harnessing data to envision and implement enhancements to the urban environment.


Video Analytics Surveillance:

Intelligent Traffic Management:

Infrastructure Maintenance:

Parking Optimization:

Revolutionizing Waste Management:

Leveraging Vision, LiDAR, and Radar Technologies, MulticoreWare offers smart solutions for:

We have developed an AI-driven automated waste sorting system for a client, with the integration of LiDAR, RGB-D cameras, and FMCW radar, alongside the implementation of a monitoring and analytics dashboard.

MulticoreWare’s gene pool consists of expertise in performance optimization for image and video processing pipelines, crafting software solutions and designing tools tailored for multi-core and heterogeneous computing environments.

We possess extensive expertise spanning various layers of AI/ML software stacks for multiple clients. This encompasses tasks such as kernel development, kernel optimization, and integrating ML framework support into their backend APIs. We collaborate with these clients to facilitate the deployment of their new platforms, leveraging our experience in DSP and embedded drivers.


Our solutions cover a wide range of areas, allowing for customization to meet the unique needs of various industries and multiple use cases such as:

High-Performance Computing:

Utilizing powerful computer systems and parallel processing techniques to tackle complex and computationally intensive tasks, we deliver significantly faster and more efficient results.

AI/ML Frameworks Support:

Create ML pipelines to enhance the efficiency of model training and deployment, including tools for organizing the management of ML models, implementing monitoring and alerting solutions.

Cloud Computing:

Ensure the reliability, security, & scalability of cloud infrastructure, with expertise in deploying thorough testing approaches, that harness cutting-edge cloud computing technology and testing methodologies.

SOC & IP Platforms:

SOC & IP Platforms offerings include services in AI/ML Accelerators, X86 based Processors, ARM based Processors, RISC-V based Processors, GPUs, and Vision & Audio DSPs.

Compute Infra:

This includes Server computing, Client computing, Mobile computing, Cloud infra & Data Centres, that are used to support computing operations.


Our service offerings encompass the following:


VaLVe: Variable - Length Vector (VaLVe) library:

VaLVe, an IP from MulticoreWare, is a powerful programmer productivity tool designed for SIMD programming. It extends support to multiple architectures, such as ARM V9 and RISC-V.

VaLVe is a two-layer library enabling explicit vector programming that makes vectors look and feel like native data types.

MulticoreWare has extensive expertise working with automotive edge computing, semiconductor businesses, autonomous vehicle companies, and sensor innovation startups to provide the most sophisticated algorithm development and optimization services. A partnership with us ranges from joint R&D to standalone production grade SW development conforming to safety requirements & automotive standards.

We are experts in high performance software and sensing, and we have a proven track record of developing software that can go into production in low-power processor systems. At MulticoreWare, we are always looking for new ways to apply our expertise to solve real-world problems.


Our solutions and services span across different areas including compilers & high-performance machine learning, sensor data processing, image data processing, and can be customized to serve a variety of industries with multifarious use-cases.


In Cabin AI - Low Power & Low Memory, Customizable modules:

McW specializes in offering innovative & optimized solutions for ADAS & Robotics Perception Stack, SLAM & HD Mapping.

RADAR Software & Signal Processing Development:

Our proficiency drives innovation in RADAR technology, shaping its software and signal processing to align with the needs of the future.

Autonomous Mobility / ADAS - Algorithm Deployment - Edge AI:

Our expertise in deploying advanced algorithms at the edge empowers vehicles with real-time decision-making capabilities for safer and smarter mobility solutions.

Autonomous Mobility / ADAS - Perception Algorithm Development:

We leverage cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning to create software solutions that drive self-driving vehicles and enhance road safety.

Sensor Signal processing & Fusion:

Our team offers customized solutions & services for Sensor fusion, Point cloud AI analytics, High-resolution RADAR processing, Time of Flight sensors and other 3D sensing modalities.

Intelligent Fleet Analytics:

We deliver advanced data analysis tools by incorporating our proficiency in telematics, machine learning, and predictive analytics to streamline and optimize fleet management.

Functional Safety & AutoSPICE Compliance:

Our commitment to excellence ensures safety-critical systems meet rigorous industry standards and quality benchmarks.

Embedded Software Development:

We provide software services for BSP, Device drivers, and safe real-time operating systems (QNX, ROS2) in various applications.

Autonomous Robots & Drones:

We excel in merging Autonomous Drones with AI and advanced Imaging technology, including hyperspectral Imaging Sensors, to deliver high-performance solutions.

Generative AI:

We optimize transformer models for low-power Automotive Edge platforms and accelerate Robotics Perception solutions with custom Sensor Fusion.

Media and entertainment industry is witnessing advancements in video codecs, leading to higher compression efficiency and improved quality for streaming content. OTT platforms have become more personalized, leveraging AI to tailor content recommendations based on individual preferences. Interactive and immersive experiences, such as augmented and virtual reality integration, redefine user engagement.


With our expertise in video codecs and workflow tools, we offer services and solutions spanning multiple sectors, including film, television, publishing, broadcasting, live streaming, sports and advertising. In the streaming and broadcasting sectors, video workflows play a central role in ensuring high quality delivery of video content to a wide array of devices.


The popularity of Over-the-top (OTT) services has surpassed broadcast TV and grown from being a niche streaming option to one of the most popular ways to watch video-based content. MulticoreWare’s video encoders and service offerings power some of the largest OTT & Video Streaming services.

AI-driven Compression and Optimization:

Enhance streaming speed and data efficiency, ideal for video streaming platforms, e-learning providers, remote work solutions.

Content Optimization and Quality Enhancement:

Improve video quality using AI/ML; suitable for media companies, video production studios, online course creators.

Automated Video Editing:

Streamline content creation with AI; perfect for social media platforms, news agencies, content creators.

Audience Engagement:

Analyze emotions and sentiments for better targeting, great for digital marketing agencies, e-commerce platforms, entertainment industry.

Video-driven Interactive Installations:

Create adaptive and engaging experiences, ideal for event organizers, museums, retail stores.

Ad Targeting and Optimization:

Utilize user behaviour and preferences for effective advertising, suitable for advertising platforms, publishers, social media networks.


Codecs play a crucial role in enabling seamless video delivery experience.


Disclaimer: x264 (AVC) is not owned by MulticoreWare.