Case studies application deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure yields 75% annual TCO savings

January 25, 2024

Authors: This comprehensive technical case study is authored by Kellsey Ruppel, principal product marketing director at Oracle, and Joe Winston, AI Cloud sales specialist at Oracle with contributions from Shivakumar Narayanan, VP & GM, Media and Entertainment BU at MulticoreWare.


MulticoreWare’s platform uses advanced deep learning technology to recognize human behavioral cues. This Human Behavior Intelligence (HBI) platform is designed to aid companies in developing applications that monitor human behavior and enhance existing solutions with similar capabilities.

To achieve this, MulticoreWare chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for hosting The migration to OCI had specific goals:

  1. Improve Performance: Enhance the application’s performance to deliver better productivity and output to customers.
  2. Seamless Migration: Move the entire product setup from MulticoreWare’s existing cloud provider to OCI without causing any negative impact on product performance and service.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Reduce overall product and maintenance service costs by leveraging OCI cloud services.

Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) brought significant cost savings, improved performance, and streamlined support, empowering MulticoreWare to work more efficiently and make informed decisions about customer experiences.

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