May 14 2024

Power of Productivity Enhancement in AI Software Stack Development

Being deeply involved in the creation of AI software stacks, MulticoreWare is aware of the complex issues involved and the necessity of accuracy and quickness.

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Mar 27 2024

Optimising CNN Model on Low Power Vision DSP

The customer, an IP company, specializes in vision-based DSPs utilized for Imaging, Computer Vision, and AI applications.

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Apr 1 2024

Hybrid Cloud: What benefits await organizations?

Businesses are always looking for methods to strengthen their IT infrastructure in order to drive innovation, increase agility, and guarantee scalability in today’s quickly changing digital market.

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Jan 19 2024

MulticoreWare’s RISC-V based BSP Development

The client was a RISC-V Architecture based server grade platform building company. The client had the following challenges that required resolution.

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Jun 6 2023 Role of WebAssembly in Serverless Computing

Role of WebAssembly in Serverless Computing

WebAssembly (often abbreviated as WASM) is a low-level binary format and virtual machine that is designed to be executed by web browsers.

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Jan 4 2024

Geekbench Workload Analysis

The customer was a semiconductor technology company.

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Mar 5 2024

MulticoreWare launches VaLVe, a replacement for platform-specific intrinsics in SIMD Programming

SAN JOSE, CA / 5 March 2024 – MulticoreWare Inc. announced the launch of their new tool, VaLVe, to enhance explicit vector programming across various architectures, enabling portability of vectorized applications.

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Aug 25 2023

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

The client is one of the leading chip manufacturers in the industry. They were trying to benchmark and enhance the multithreaded Machine Learning (ML) Inference Performance on high core count CPUs.

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Nov 30 2022 Optimizing and Enhancing the Performance of an Image Processing Algorithm

Optimizing & Enhancing the Performance of an Image Processing Algorithm

This case study emphasizes our role in creating an optimized pipeline for Chroma Correction Algorithm and future enhancements for one of our clients.

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