Dec 18 2023 How-is-AI-Transforming-Video-Compression-and-Delivery

How is AI Transforming Video Compression and Delivery?

Delivering a substantial volume of content poses intricate challenges for broadcasters and streaming companies.

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Oct 26 2023

The AI Revolution in Video Quality Enhancement

In the ever-evolving world of content streaming, the paramount factor is the level of quality. Whether you’re a streaming company, broadcaster, or an OTT/VOD service provider, enhancing the video quality of your content stands as a central objective.

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Aug 24 2023

Artificial Intelligence for more effective Advertising

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) holds the potential to greatly enhance businesses’ capacity to interpret customer behavior data, leading to more personalized and efficient advertising tactics. Despite notable progress, unexplored opportunities and innovative prospects persist.

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Jul 27 2023

Redefining Video Encoding with the x265 HEVC encoder

The x265 encoder, known for its compliance with the H.265/MPEG-HEVC video coding standard, has gained popularity among open-source frameworks, broadcast, and streaming service providers.

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Jun 16 2023 Optimizing Video Quality and Turnaround Time with Ultraziq

Optimizing Video Quality and Turnaround Time with Ultraziq

Ultraziq is an AI-based pre-processing proprietary software video encoding library targeted at optimizing video quality and turn-around time when encoding video for OTT and live streaming use cases.

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Mar 20 2022 Advantages and disadvantages of HEVC

Advantages and disadvantages of HEVC

The video technology standards are constantly evolving, and HEVC/ H.265 has been gaining popularity recently. However, according to rumours, the video ecosystem isn’t yet ready for the new compression standard.

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