Audio DSP Engineer

Job Overview

MulticoreWare is looking for an experienced Audio DSP Engineerwho will be responsible for conversion of signal processing concepts (theoretical or prototyped in C-Language) into algorithms to be implemented into embedded DSP.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Design, document, and build DSP audio software modules based on DSP architectural requirements.
  • Work closely with MulticoreWare’s customers to conduct research and development of audio processing algorithms, employing a variety of methodologies, including frequency- and time-domain approaches.
  • Developing, simulating, measuring, and optimizing algorithms to ensure that they achieve the desired results, as well as optimizing the design to satisfy the limits of target processors and DSP platforms
  • Must have exposure to audio algorithms and hands on experience in audio frameworks.
  • Must have Strong C/C++ programming skills
  • Very good problem solving, programming and debugging skills
  • Experience in audio frameworks – Hexagon framework, Qualcomm platform
  • Knowledge of audio post-processing algorithms would be ideal
  • Good interpersonal skills and a team player