Advancing Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

MulticoreWare designs and develops technologies to enable autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).  Across consumer, commercial, and government sectors, we deliver unique software solutions for the autonomous vehicle industry by focusing on cost and energy efficient designs that can target GPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, and custom embedded hardware.


Performance Profiling

We can profile your software to determine exactly where the most time is spent and where you should focus your efforts.  We’ve built custom tools to profile applications across a range of platforms and can plug these tools into your software and platform to get a birds-eye view of bottlenecks.

Algorithm Porting

Port your algorithm to a smaller, faster, cheaper, or more power efficient platform.  We can analyze your algorithm and suggest a better platform, or target a platform you’ve already chosen.  We’re architecture agnostic, so we’ll find what works best for your software and hardware target.

Software Optimization

We can analyze your algorithm or application to optimize it for power and performance on your existing platform.  We’ll find and exploit the parallelism of both your algorithm and your hardware.  We have experience working in many application domains, and can help your software work better for you.

Full Implementation

Implement your idea or algorithm quickly and efficiently.  We can start with a simple C model, Matlab code, or just a mathematical description of your problem and implement it to your performance, power, and cost specifications.  We can also compare various platforms so you can choose what best fits your needs.

Libraries & Standards

MulticoreWare has been involved in the design and development of the OpenCV open-source vision library and the Khronos OpenVX standard for portable and power-efficient vision processing.  We are well-versed in implementing and using these libraries and standards and can help get your OpenCV or OpenVX apps built and optimized for your target platform.

MulticoreWare is one of the leading developers of the OpenCV computer vision library.  Our development teams have accelerated dozens of OpenCV kernels using OpenCL, contributing these improvements back to the OpenCV project.
OpenVX is the latest standard for power-efficient and portable computing.  MulticoreWare has been involved in developing the standard since v1.0 and is experienced in implementing and designing OpenVX applications.

Imaging & Vision for Any Platform

Enable state-of-the-art image processing and vision algorithms on any platform.  We’ve ported OpenCV, OpenVX, and custom algorithms to dozens of architectures.


We can target embedded designs found in modern AR/VR headsets, cameras, vehicles, and phones.  Improve your product by leveraging our experience in creating vision libraries for power-efficient embedded devices.  We’ve developed for devices with a variety of requirements, including stereo-vision, low-latency feature detection, and more.


Mobile devices and handsets equipped with cameras represent the largest market for image and vision processing.  We’ve worked with device manufacturers, app developers, and semiconductor vendors to improve the capability of their devices by utilizing the CPU, GPU, DSP, and other processing elements available in modern SoCs.

Workstation & Cloud

For ultra-high quality and intensive applications, GPU or FPGA enabled workstations and cloud servers can provide the computational power necessary to handle large scale tasks and video processing.  We can help design and port your algorithms to fully utilize the power of modern GPUs, FPGAs and server-class hardware.

We've ported image processing and vision algorithms on these platforms and more.