Amplifying ADAS Workloads with 100x Performance Boost

MulticoreWare optimizes GPUs for Automotive SoCs. Watch the video to witness the power of Imagination GPUs in action and discover how MulticoreWare can enhance the performance of your ADAS systems.

By unlocking the true potential of the Texas Instruments TDA4VM processor, our collaboration unleashes a massive 50 GFLOPS of additional processing power. This translates to a staggering 100x improvement in performance for critical ADAS workloads, like stereo block matching, especially for high-resolution camera data.

MulticoreWare’s mastery of OpenCL and AI optimization allows IMG BXS GPUs within TDA4 SoCs to achieve maximum compute performance per watt. This empowers you to process sensor data from cameras, radars, and lidars with unmatched efficiency, further enhancing existing compute accelerators on the platform.

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